Planning my route across Sweden

Once I realized my dream of traveling across Sweden was going to be a reality, it dawned on my that Sweden is a pretty big country. It's not USA big, but it does cover a lot of area, about the size on California and Oregon, and it is LONG. Its shape actually makes it easier to cover more distance without backtracking or missing out on too much in the middle. Through social media and fans of the shows, I've gotten a lot of great suggestions for places to visit along the route. The general plan is that we are traveling north on the western, more mountainous side to the Arctic Circle and then back down South along the coast. We will cover about 2000 miles, or about 3200 km, and we will be traveling for 23 days.

I've been hesitant to plan a day-to-day itinerary because of the likelihood of bad weather. At this point, the weather is looking, well, not great, to be honest. I'm hoping the rain is just sporadic sprinkling and not the Midwestern thunderstorm buckets of rain I'm used to in Minnesota. With the nearly unlimited daylight, I think we'll be able to find some windows of time to ride comfortably. We are looking to do on average about 100 miles or 160 km a day, which really isn't much. Our daily mileage will vary a bunch of course because some days will be filled with reindeer and waterfall hikes, I hope!