Swedish Motorcycle Tour is a reality!

This January, I made my way to Sweden for the first time after filming Allt För Sverige. It was surreal to be back in a country I had only experience via a very unusual (and fun!) experience. It was nice to travel around at my own pace and interact with fans of the show. I rented a car and drove to Västergötland were I met with the motorcycle shop, Tibro MC Service where I met my ride for my upcoming summer trip. The shop sells mostly enduro/motocross style bikes, so they made sure to find me a bike that was short enough for my stubby 5'6'' legs. I'm so happy they had this Yamaha Bolt XV950 laying around for me to adopt for the summer! It's a little bigger than my regular ride, a Suzuku Savage 650, but the seat height is the same, and it only weighs about 150lbs more. Now all I have to do is figure out how to take all my gear with me as I travel 2000 miles round trip to the Arctic Circle!  

Sarah Steinman