allt för sverige

Allt För Sverige is an Emmy Award-winning Swedish reality show where Americans with Swedish ancestry travel around Sweden to learn more about their past. Sarah participated in the 2016 season. She made it through all eight week and won. Her grand prize was meeting her living Swedish relatives in Skara, Sweden.

Watch Season 6 Here

Ten Americans with Swedish ancestry travel to Sweden to learn more about their past. The first episode takes the crew to Gothenburg and Dalsland and where the have their first competition.

Episode 2 sends the crew to the Falköping region. Last episode's winning team gets to live as wealthy land owners and the losing teams likes as poor tenant farmers. This episode dives into Sarah Steinman and background and ancestry. 

This episode has the group living like rock stars as they travel to Gothenburg on a tour bus to see a Håkan Hellström concert. We learn more about Inger and Micka and their ancestry in the region. 


In Episode four, the Americans travel south to Skåne. There they stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast and learn to cook contemporary Swedish cuisine. Jason learns more about his family in Ystad.